Spaced repetition flash cards are the best way to remember things. So to learn a language using spaced repetition flash cards are great. We created an Anki deck with 600+ common Bosanski words and another Anki deck with 50 common Bosanski phrases. The files will be located below. First you must download the FREE Anki online software.

1) First you go to to download the Anki software on your computer.

If you find video helpful you can view this video until 3:00

2) Once you have downloaded Anki you will need to download the Anki decks

3) 600+ common Bosanski words deck (Download Here)

4) 50 common phrases deck (Download Here)

5) Once you have downloaded the decks you will need to import them into Anki. To do that go to ‘File’ à ‘Import’ à find the deck you want to import and ‘Open” it à you are done. For video assistance on importing an Anki deck check out:

6) Once you import the decks it is recommended you include your own images to the words to help you remember better. To add an image go to ‘Browse’ à Choose the deck you want to work on (ex: Bosanski Common Words) à Copy an image online (ie. Google images) and paste it to the field where it says ‘Picture’. For video assistance on including images check out:

Note: Save/Bookmark this page as we will add more decks relevant to learning Bosanski when they become available.

Note 2: Anki is a FREE software and can be used on all desktops for FREE. The Mobile app for Android phones is also FREE (the app is called AnkiDroid) and can be synced with your desktop. But the Apple Anki app is NOT free and currently cost $25.

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